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Gaining height or installing the antenna away from the building can provide service options that would otherwise not be available, such as improved signal levels and uninterrupted internet and tv service.

Whether due to trees obstructing the signal, or aesthetics, sometimes installing your satellite service on a pole, an antenna tower or a tripod may be the best option.


Excellent for gaining height while providing a stable base for various types of antennas, satellite dishes and radios. Secure and heavy duty.


Poles and pop-up masts are great choices for obtaining up to 40 feet of height. Masts are always secured to a building to guarantee a stable signal source and withstand changing weather conditions. Metal poles are stabilized on a concrete base or mounted inground, inside a cemented tube in a sturdy and steady position.


Whenever a tower or a pole installation is not possible, mounting a tripod may provide a sufficient solution. In order to acquire good signals, the radio or antenna needs to be sometimes placed away from the house. Tripod installation is a cost effective alternative.


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