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Low voltage pre-wiring solutions

Structured wiring builds a foundation for all your home internet, TV, audio, video, security and smart control needs. Summersat provides complete pre-wiring services, from planning to professional installations. New homes, additions, custom built or renovated homes need thorough technology designs and the newest, up to code solutions that will not only work properly, but also bring the space to highest functionality standards.

Most builders do not specialize in electronics and wiring. They are great at construction solutions, but not necessarily at planning their clients future home systems. Phone, cable and power outlet location is important, but there is a whole lot of planning behind those placements. Standard number of lines and outlets may not be enough. Before the drywall goes up, there are many decisions to be made as for where all your electronics will go. Early stages of home construction are best to do the pre-wiring and planning for all the systems, to avoid future costs and inconveniences.

Consider your future needs such as home theater, multiple internet routers, satellite or cable tv lines, alarm, security cameras, smart home controls, phone lines and more.

 Our low voltage structured wiring represents best quality and is cost effective, compared to changes that need to be done after the house is finished and walls to be torn down or damaged for wiring. It also helps avoiding compromised aesthetics by hiding cables out of plain view, both outside of your home and inside it.

Modern technology requires stepping ahead of current standards – Summersat brings homes beyond the basics and addresses all custom requirements and clients’ wishes.


705-241-4388 office
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