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Satellite TV and Internet installations, if performed professionally, last many years and provide uninterrupted service. Due to severe weather, corrosion, renovations and unpredictable incidents (has anyone cut through the cable with the lawn mower?) installations may require updates and repairs.

Our team of licensed experts is able to provide service calls for all national satellite TV and Internet providers.


During major house remodels and renovations, such as roof replacement, outside walls repair or change of outdoor look (installed siding or stucco), the antennas need to be removed temporarily, then put back up and repointed. In many cases, a new location needs to be determined due to tree growth and loss of signal. Summersat will attend to all these needs. We guarantee that all safety precautions are always addressed – drilling holes sealed and weather proofed, drip loops installed to avoid water damage, cables secured to the wall, just to name a few.

Moving services

In case of moving to a new house along with existing TV/ Internet services, we offer installations at the new location, including the assessment of the existing lines and systems, finding line of sight, mounting antennas / radios, connecting all devices inside the house and adding new lines if necessary.

If the antenna must be relocated within the same property due to poor signals, we help acquiring the best available location and advice on appropriate installation.





705-241-4388 office
705-770-2055 head technician

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Remote/rural locations may expect an extended waiting period for an installation date. We always do our best to provide our customers with flexible timeframe solutions. Average wait time is 1-5 business days.

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